About SpeedAir:

SpeedAir is an End-to-end Wireless Modem specifically designed by CODINTEK for Drones, Robots, and Smart Cities. It is used by Collaborative Drone and Rolling Robot Swarms, for command and control, and video streaming to ground stations, as well as for Dense Surveillance Camera and Sensor Deployment in Large Metropolitan Areas.

Who is the team behind SpeedAir? The ambitious and fast growing 15 people team is headquartered inside CodinTek, Tunis, Tunisia.

About CodinTek:

CODINTEK is a provider of innovative RF broadband product design services and turnkey solutions for dense networks.

CODINTEK also offers a family of synthesizable programmable DSP IP cores, each delivering a different balance of performance, power dissipation, and cost.

In addition, our Elite team have the specialized skills and experience at designing wireless IOT solutions for the connected world. We provide all-in-one modules, kits and tools for designing smart products, for smart homes, smart cities, and industry.

Thanks to our technical expertise and reference products we continue to be successfully retained by companies from different countries: USA, France, KSA…

Our Values:

We come from Communications and Electronics.

We are invested and passionate about deep-technology.

We build field-proven solutions to help businesses towards the digital age.