Swarming Drones Control and Video Streaming

Long range, robust and secure wireless connectivity to drones.

SpeedAir modems is used for UAV command and control, streaming video or still images, updating autonomous flight paths, sending data to base stations…

Collaborative Robots

Robots are replacing repetitive tasks previously done by employees, who henceforth focus on higher value-added elements in the manufacturing process.

SpeedAir modems will be used to insure the ultra-low latency connectivity required to make these thousands of robots collaborate without any collision risk.

Integrated Solution for Extra-Large Smart Parkings

SpeedAir modems form a modular, infrastructure-based sensor system that allows you to effortlessly form a clear picture of where available parking spaces can be found and how long each space has been occupied for; while streaming all Surveillance Cameras Videos to control room.

Large Metropolitan Areas Video Monitoring and Dense Sensing

SpeedAir modems provide Wireless connectivity for HD video cameras that eliminate wires! reduces costs, and provides a modern and dynamic IoT wireless network to enhance safety and quality life of everyone.